(Bulgarian-American, born 1978)

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    I create original acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, using a representational technique. Life is too beautiful and deep to be captured in an artwork. I do, however, recreate certain moments of life that I perceive to be of utmost beauty. These are glimpses of bliss that I would like to freeze in time. I am fascinated by the unusual relationships between mundane objects in a still life, the optic distortions caused by water and ice, and the open and beautifully desolate landscapes. As for the human figure; I explore the presence of man in the context of nature. I use color schemes that are subtle and vibrant simultaneously. I would describe my artistic style as a modernist realism with an emphasis on visual communication.


    An artist’s mind is sensitive and curious about the changes in her environment and expresses these changes accordingly. We are not unique, in spite of what we have been taught. Our skills, thoughts, ideas, and experiences have been recycled through generations of humanity. Thus, I see art as a lifelong journey and an exhilarating mode of expression.




    Best in Acrylics - 2015 Old Saybrook Art & Craft Festival, CT


    Award of Distinction - 2015 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, FL


    Best in Painting - 2015 Carnaval on the Mile, Coral Gables, FL


    Best in Painting - 2015 Pinecrest Gardens Art Festival, FL


    Award of Excellence - 2008 Brevard Art Museum, FL


    J. Henry Scheidt Memorial Travel Scholarship - 2006 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PA

    Katherine-Alexandra full-tuition Scholarship for Sculpture - 2005 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PA


    Katherine-Alexandra full-tuition Scholarship for Sculpture - 2004 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PA

    Merit-based full-tuition 4-year Scholarship for BFA degree - 1998-2002 National Academy of Art, Bulgaria

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